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Our focus is on prevention and self growth, along with understanding and treating pathology and conflict! The Center's treatment philosophy focuses on the whole person, not merely the symptom.


A specialized program to improve the success, both financially and interpersonally of any size family business.

“There comes that mysterious meeting in life when someone acknowledges who we are and who we can be, igniting the circuits of our highest potential”.

This quote sums up the power of what Family Business Coaching can do for your family business. A unique concept developed by Family Business Partners, a team of clinical psychologists and corporate leaders in Oklahoma City, this intervention approach utilizes a blend of cognitive/family systems theoretical concepts with motivational/communication skills, helping family business members learn to resolve inter staff conflicts, separate family dysfunction from effective management, and enhance the overall running and ultimate succession planning integral in any family business growth and legacy.

The Family Business coaching services include the following:

Interview/Assessment (Needs Analysis) On-site
Image Workshop
Competency Workshop
Direction Workshop
Values Workshop
Legacy Workshop
Follow Up Support - Individual/Family Partner coaching sessions

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Family Business Interview Analysis

This is an onsite interview between the Family Business Partner, Family Business Coach and the clients’ representative(s). During this 3 to 3½ hour interview, the FBP Coach will visit the business premises and conduct a ‘needs’ assessment to determine the relevant family business issues through the use of face-to-face interviews with family members, managers and/or key employees.

Individual/Family Business Coaching Sessions

These are done at Dr. Mercer’s office typically, but can be done on-site at location or business as well. In these sessions we develop the family mission statement, teach communication strategies identify and find resolution in family business partner interpersonal conflicts, identify strengths and weaknesses of individual partners, examine plan for legacy and succession in the future. These session are 1-1½ hours and are weekly or bi-weekly.


The Five Questions

Is it a Question of IMAGE?
A detailed analysis of the family business will be developed, which will include but not be limited to a written structure of the family business system, identification of family strengths and conflicts, communication patterns, and interpersonal relationships. The preparation of a family business mission statement concludes the workshop.

Is it a Question of COMPETENCY?
A comprehensive workshop between the Coach and the family business owners utilizing testing materials, checklists, inventories, and discussion that identify skills, talents, and competencies of the Business/Employees/Owners. Communication skills, problem solving and conflict management are significant parts of this workshop.

Is It a Question of DIRECTION?
This component consists of a comprehensive workshop between the Coach and family business owners/employees to review the mission statement developed in the Image workshop or to create one, if the Image workshop has not been completed.
Additionally, a growth plan/business plan tailored to meet the needs of the family business will also be developed, using decision-making skills, time management, priority work, control, power, accountability and dominate/subordinate management exercises.

Is It a Question of VALUES?
A comprehensive workshop between the Coach and family business owners/employees to address the sensitive areas of values, beliefs, loyalties, and change. Worksheets and checklists are developed to assess and clarify values. How belief systems are developed and maintained will be addressed. Family loyalties, realities, and expectations for each other are woven together with issues that address resistance to change.

Is It a Question of LEGACY?
A comprehensive workshop between the Coach and family business owner/partners/employees examines the issues relevant to a plan of succession. The intricate and often passionate components of succession planning target the founder, identified successor, other family members/business employees and their positions after the succession plan is implemented. Healthy transitions versus unhealthy, grief and loss, life purposes and human developmental issues are some areas that are explored.

Package Workshop Discount

A 25% reduction in individual workshop fees will be given to any client attending all five workshops, scheduled within a 6-month time period.

Follow-Up Services

Follow-up services are available to family business owners and key employees who have participated in the Workshops. The FBP Coach will schedule individual or group follow-up appointments on an “as needed” basis. FBP clients are encouraged to participate in follow-up groups, when appropriate so that the principles learned through the workshops can be reinforced. It will also be helpful to meet with other FBP clients for the support and challenges their experiences can offer to other family business owners and employees.

Quick Re-Solve Workshop

The Re-Solve workshop has been designed for family businesses that have an urgent need for a solution-focused workshop to address an immediate business problem. The FBP Coach will meet with the family business client for an afternoon to thoroughly determine the problem the business is experiencing. The following morning, the FBP Coach will return to the business, meet with the clients, and develop solutions for the business that will re-solve the problem.