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Various Workshops offered

Clinical Workshops and Workshops for the Professional

A Workshop Experience for Men & Women to Reach Optimal Levels of Living

Presented by Susan Schwartz-Mercer!

Dr. Mercer has worked with Broward County Schools, individual corporations, law enforcement agencies and other non-professional organizations as well. The following are a few workshops provided in which training is specifically designed for administrators/managers, instructors/teachers, guidance personnel, law enforcement and private industry.

  • Enhancing Self-Esteem/Wellness Workshop
  • Bridging and Accepting Gender and Ethnic Differential
  • "Lifemasters"
  • The "Art of Being Human"
  • "Magic, Wellness, Mayhem and Men's Issues"

Join Dr. Mercer as he combines psychological concepts and the creative arts in a fun-filled and emotionally enriching growth experience.

  • Learn how to use your archetype structure to enhance life.
  • Learn the art of imagery and visualization to stay focused on goals.
  • Learn how specific music can contribute to resolving emotional conflict.
  • Learn how the experience of laughter and humor can release life-enhancing energy.
  • Learn how Dr. Mercer's "Women are from Earth (and So Are Men)" techniques can enhance your interpersonal relationships.

Dr. Mercer also conducts:

  • ADOLESCENT Support Group
  • ADHD/ADD Support Group
Package Workshop Discount

A 25% reduction in individual workshop fees will be given to any client attending all five workshops, scheduled within a 6-month time period.

Follow-Up Services

Follow-up services are available to family business owners and key employees who have participated in the Workshops. The FBP Coach will schedule individual or group follow-up appointments on an “as needed” basis. FBP clients are encouraged to participate in follow-up groups, when appropriate so that the principles learned through the workshops can be reinforced. It will also be helpful to meet with other FBP clients for the support and challenges their experiences can offer to other family business owners and employees.

Quick Re-Solve Workshop

The Re-Solve workshop has been designed for family businesses that have an urgent need for a solution-focused workshop to address an immediate business problem. The FBP Coach will meet with the family business client for an afternoon to thoroughly determine the problem the business is experiencing. The following morning, the FBP Coach will return to the business, meet with the clients, and develop solutions for the business that will re-solve the problem.